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ChromaLuxe HD Aluminum Panel


ChromaLuxe HD Aluminum Panel

$ 12.95

We use the ChromaLuxe brand of metal prints in our process to produce some of the most amazing displays you will ever see. The ChromaLuxe aluminum panels are coated with a very clear poly-based substrate.

The sublimation process is a chemical reaction that turns special inks from a solid directly into a gas with no liquid state... just like dry ice. The gas is then released INTO the substrate and not ON the substrate by pressing the printed image at 400 degrees with medium pressure. The result is a very bright, UV resistant image that is durable and will last for many, many years. How durable are they? They are flame resistant, scratch resistant, chemical resistant, fade resistant, and moisture resistant.

You can be re-assured that your purchase of one of our metal prints will be an investment well spent. You have to see these in person to fully appreciate how amazing they look. 

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