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About Us

Hi my name is Scott Holden and I am a co-founder of Swamp Rabbit Creations, LLC. Swamp Rabbit Creations was established in January of 2016 by my wife Rhonda and I. The business actually started out as a hobby. Rhonda started with a $300 craft cutter and a $600 heat press in 2015. She wanted to make birthday gifts and Christmas presents for friends and family. As more and more people asked her to make custom items, we thought, "Hey, we might be able to start a business with this", so we did.

We purchased a domain name and hosting, formed an LLC, and placed some items for sale. Slowly we had some sales coming in and we were getting requests for things such as car decals, mugs, T-Shirts, and hats. We kept purchasing equipment, when we could afford them, and now we have hat presses, sublimation printers, vinyl cutters, mug presses, embroidery machines and more.

We are still a home based business, and as such we are able to personally work with our customers for whatever custom product they want. We believe in giving personal one on one service and go above and beyond to serve them. 

Thank you for visiting and we hope you'll consider being one of our valued customers. God bless, and have a wonderful day.